“Imagine building a highly profitable business using only timeless skills and strategies, no fancy tricks, fluff or secrets required

In a nutshell, we exist to help business owners and leaders achieve exactly that.”

Welcome to the Business Pro Academy

Launching in 2019, The Business Pro Academy was created to help individuals and service based businesses grow.

Specifically, we like to help transactional businesses, become transformational.

What this basically means is that, instead of chasing the next client (transaction,) you’re running a highly profitable business that changes your clients lives on some level (transformational.)

Transformational also means you’re able to ignite or re-ignite your passion for what you do and become a leader in your industry or chosen field.

Chasing transactions = Exhaustion, stress and overwhelm

Transformational = Fulfilment, profits and amazing clients

What would be different in your business if you made the shift to transformational?

The big problem in the business education space (in 2019)

You’re likely already familiar that there’s more information and courses available than ever before! You can buy courses for this skill or that strategy, oh and by the way you should really think about X or Y thing that’s trending and you definitely need to attend as many business seminars as possible.

It’s basically content hyperdrive on steroids.

Yet, with so much available at our fingertips, it’s still almost impossible to find a comprehensive and powerful solution to help grow a business.

A 1000 jigsaw pieces and no clear picture

Visualise this scenario, you purchase a jigsaw puzzle and you know the exact picture you’ll achieve when the puzzle is complete.

At first, the puzzle is super fun and exciting, you quickly find a few pieces that fit perfectly together!

Then, someone else comes along and says “hey, you’re missing a few pieces,” and before you can answer, they’ve thrown another 50 pieces into the puzzle.

You feel it’s a good idea to get some advice on the advice you’ve just received, so you speak to x 10 more people and each of them say they have the perfect answer. They also each throw another 50 to 120 pieces on the puzzle.

The biggest problem of all, is that all of their pieces look completely different, it’s almost like you have x 10 different puzzles all thrown together and 2800 pieces for a 1000 piece puzzle.

You get the idea.

Now, you struggle to even remember what the original picture was meant to be. Was it a house? A mountain? A fun cartoon or an abstract painting?

This example sounds completely crazy and you’re right, it is.


This is most people in business today.

If you’ve ever felt you’re working like crazy and you’re not sure why or you’re stressed and overwhelmed, the chances you’ve experienced it too, perhaps you’re experiencing it right now?

When the founder of The Business Pro Academy Pete Scott observed this happening over a few years, he felt that something needed to be done.

Interestingly enough, Pete also noticed it was particularly a bigger problem for service providers.

The Jury is still out, but he would be the first to say that service providers want to help people so much (which is a great thing,) but in their eagerness to help, they miss out on laying down the foundations in their business which exposes them to bigger problems later on. This results in seeking lots of random advice, which only creates deeper and even bigger problems.

This is how the hamster wheel is born.

introducing the business pro academy

Funnily enough, Pete Scott would be the first to admit he’s not been immune to the jigsaw and hamster wheel problems throughout his career.


“I started to question things when I knew I had the skill and knowledge to help people ten years ago, but I still hadn’t managed to translate it into a real business. It was only when I realised the problem wasn’t my niche or anything external, it was me. I was stopping myself from my own personal and business potential. I stopped myself by not focusing on the core and deep foundations of my business, which left me constantly chasing the next client (transaction) and experiencing a never ending feast or famine cycle. Even though I was able to take the business revenues to multiple six figures, it was never enough and everything I did was reactive.



 There was never an exact moment where it changed, it was more of a shift in focus. I started to focus on the deep work required to build a real business. No more quick fixes or magic bullets, simply getting down to the root on a level I’d never allowed myself to experience before.” 

In 2019, Pete Scott even walked away from his consulting business for corporations, to pour 100% of his actions into The Business Pro Academy.

“There comes a time where it’s no longer about the money or the prestige. It’s about doing the right thing and putting your heart and soul into it.” – Pete Scott

Pete wanted to create the Business Pro Academy not from any pedestal or influencer status, but from an awareness that in order for an individual or business to be at their absolute best, a much deeper focus and comprehensive approach is needed.

This is why, you won’t find anything that’s trending or words like hack, secret or shortcut within the Academy. Sure, these words can have meaning, but the focus of The Business Pro Academy is to take you beyond the cliché world we seem to be in today.

Deep work + structure + focus = results

If you’re ready to commit to a comprehensive approach to your business or career and you haven’t yet enrolled into the Business Pro Academy, you can discover exactly how the Academy will help you by clicking here.